Sri Reddy finds a new bate for her controversy

Controversial personality, Sri Reddy, found a new bate to gain popularity. This time the actress verbally attacked Tamil filmmaker Sunder C. Sri Reddy gained mass media coverage when she bad-mouthed Tollywood star actors like, Pawan Kalyan and Nani.  

Sri Reddy accused Sunder C and an executive producer of Aranmanai movie, one Ganesh, of casting couch. According to her allegations, she was introduced to Sunder C by Ganesh, in Hyderabad, during Aranmanai shooting. She said, she was promised a role in his next film in exchange of sexual favors then, alleged that she was later called to a hotel room. But, neither the film nor the role surfaced for her to act; claimed Sri Reddy. She also managed to drag well renounced Tamil celebs like, A.R. Murugadoss, Srikanth, Raghava Lawrence and Sandeep Kishan into her controversy.

“Aranmanai shoot happened in Hyderabad, while that shooting time one person called Ganesh he is an executive producer of that film. Some how he got my number through some one,he called me,I went to the shooting spot he introduced me to Sundar C. I met my f.b Friend Senthil Kumar(camera man) also. That day he convinced me that definitely 200 percent you will be in his next movie as a one of the lead. Next day he called me to the hotel, for keeping in his next movie he and Sundar C wanted to compromise (sexually). After that perumal knows what happend. Ganesh is a fraud he didn’t help me. #tamilleaks (sic).” Posted Sri Reddy.

While Sunder C condemned the allegations and said never to have meet her, Sri Reddy insists otherwise. She now feels her life is under threat and asked help of Telengana CM, Mr. KCR.

“Sir I am not safe, its tough to reach you, in this drugs and sex racket your dear persons also there. I am not coming to political side. I will shut my mouth, but please sir ,this maa association and big wigs harrased me physically, mentally. You are a father and you are a king of this Telangana. Situations became worse from my side. You should understand and keep a full stop and make a justice to me..don’t protect the big wigs. Please don’t ban me from Hyderabad sir (sic),” wrote the accuser.

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