Samsung’s Project V

A popular Tech site revealed details on Samsung’s Project V aka Project Valley. Slashleaks, the popular organization took twitter to post images of Samsung’s foldable phones program. Samsung has been rumored to be working on a technology with gives smartphones the ability to overlap. Samsung Galaxy X, a flagship phone from Samsung has been circulation on internet, with top notch display capacity and high price. But, the leaked phone on Slashleaks shows contrary.

The image posted by Slashleaks shows a simple version of two phones attacked to each other. The display of the phone is prospected to be old, i.e 16:9 aspect ratio, where as many flagship phones these days adopt 18:9 aspect ratio. The phone’s model number is listed as SM-G929F which tells the audience that the phone lies among Samsung S6 Edge (SM-G925X) and Samsung S7 (SM-G930X) models, dating the tech to 2015.

This particular model is similar to ZTE Axom M phone, which was announced in 2017. Many assume this tech from Samsung to be outdated and failed prototype of Project V.

Samsung and LG are engaged in manufacturing sound-emitting OLED display phones. Vivo has announced homogeneous revolutionary flagship phones such as Vivo Apex and Vivo Nex. Vivo Nex is said to possess all-screen technology with many adaptable features like onscreen fingerprint sensor. Since the tech is still under development hence, named as experimental or concept phones.

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