Pawan Kalyan roars at Naidu for using force to acquire lands

Jana Sena commander, Pawan Kalyan, while addressing congregation on 28th July, Saturday in Vijayawada, debilitated to orchestrate blockade on Amaravathi if the ruling government neglects his plea to pull back on forceful land acquiring.

Pawan accused CM Chandrababu Naidu of embezzling lands for capital-Amaravathi’s development. Pawan narrated his 2014 rendezvous with Naidu, where Naidu told Pawan the number on the land for Amaravathi’s construction i.e 1800 acres. Pawan, now, alleges Naidu of using exertion to amass lands.

Pawan reiterated the failures of Naidu and TDP government, and their inefficiency in bringing Special Status to Andhra Pradesh, as promised during elections. At the end the Jana Sena chief, expressed his support for people who were subjected to the cruelty; such as, farmers and labors.

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