Pakistan’s former cricket star Imran Khan claims victory in disputed general election

Pakistan’s former cricket star Imran Khan has declared victory in the country’s general election, which has been marred by violence and accusations of election-rigging by the opposition.

For more on this and other news around theworld we turn to our Ro Aram.

Aram… what do we know so far? Well Semin… the leaders of almost everypolitical party in Pakistan, except Khan’s, have alleged that Wednesday’s election wasrigged.

Khan’s rival party leaders and supporters of jailed former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have accused Khan of colluding with the army to manipulate the vote.

Although Pakistan’s military rule has weakened,it still holds significant power.

“We believe that in Karachi total irregularities have been committed by the election commission of Pakistan with the support of some people who are in the corridor of power and we believe this election has been a controversial election in the whole of Pakistan.

” “It is a fragrant violation.

The public is protesting, and I am compelledto say that we reject these election results.

We don’t accept these results.

” There have also been outbreaks of violence,with a bomb going off at a polling station, killing more than 30 people.

In a televised speech to his supporters, Kahnrejected allegations of ballot-rigging, but said he will investigate his opponents’ claims.

“I believe this was Pakistan’s most transparent election and I believe Pakistanis have never participated in an election the way they did today.

Whatever concerns the opposition has aboutrigging, we are willing to investigate it with them.

” Official results are yet to be announced and it is still unclear if Khan’s party is able to secure a parliamentary majority.

If it does then Khan is on track to become Prime Minister.

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