No conflict between Rajamouli and Ramoji Rao, says Baahubali producer Shobu Yarlagadda

A news circulating on internet claims that Tollywood director Rajamouli and Ramoji Rao are engaged in a strife. The reason behind the misunderstanding was overpricing in usage of Ramoji Film City sets during Baahubali shooting, claimed a website.

One of the producers, Shobu Yarlagadda striked off these rumor as false and accused the website for yellow journalism. The producer said that there was no such arguments involving Rajamouli and Ramoji Rao. The website alleged, that Rajamouli refrained himself from conducting future projects at RFC. Shobu responded to this allegation as absurd and said, the director would shoot his future projects at RFC if necessary.

“Please don’t stoop so low just for the sake of few extra eyeballs and publish such trash and bulshit!  Creating this kind of fake news will get you nowhere in the long run and will make your website a gossip site and nothing more! #disgusting #yellowjournalism” Shobu posted.

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