New inrtoduction to Tollywood, from Mega-Family

Mega family has established themselves in Tollywood industry and introduced many new talented faces. With Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan being colossal successors of Cheranjeevi’s acting legacy, another new visage is induced into the market, Kalyaan Dhev. The new young actor is Cheranjeevi’s son-in-law and is married to Sreeja, Chranjeevi’s daughter.

In the month of February, a movie was announced to induce Kalyaan Dhev, with Sai Korrapati as producer and Rakesh Sashii as director. Rakesh Sashii made his directional debut through Jatha Kalise movie. The director bagged second project to introduce Kalyaan Dhev. Later, further details and cast were made public. The movie’s music is tuned by Harishvardhan Rameshwar and Malavika Nair will be seen alongside Kalyaan.

On June 12, the movie’s teaser was uploaded on internet. The teaser indicates the story to be a romantic one with a touch of fatherly sentiment. The teaser begins with a father’s narration (Murali Sharma), explaining the meaning of adjustments in life to his son (Kalyaan). Amid the teaser the lead (Kalyaan) is seen as an unemployed-struggling candidate trying to secure a job. And at climax of the teaser the lead’s father (Murali Sharma) is seen in tears, enduring public humiliation. Maybe because of his son!

Since this is Kalyaan Dhev’s first movie, most of the public is eager to watch the young industrialist’s acting performance. With Chiranjeevi and mega family’s support the movie has created expectations among Telugu audience. The movie is produced by Sai Korrapati under Varahi Chalana Chitram banner. The movie’s release dates are yet to be finalized, and made public.

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