Net Neutrality under Threat

The Obama era’s initiative to deliver equality to all web services, is now under serious downfall. Net Neutrality is a concept and a right of every person to access services on the internet without prejudice.

The rule resticts service provides such as; AT&T, Verison, Comcast and others to mistreat the traffic on internet, by slowing down few and speeding up other profitable web services. If this rule is revoked the service providers will have a complete takeover on internet traffic, feciltating their own services and slowing down their rivals’ such as, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and many. Net Neutrality act was removed right after appointment of FCC’s new chief, under Donald Trump’s Government. The cellphone companies will gain right to promote their own services by blocking other services, which many call discrimination. AT&T is rumerord to have considered rising prices for video streaming web sevices like Netflix, to promote their own movies and slowing down many other nonprofitable services. But the service providers dismiss the rumors and say they are pledged to provide equal importance to all services.

Many protests have been congregated in the US but the government refuses to acknowledge the people. More than 20 states sued the government for revoking the act. Washington and Oregon states now, have their own Net Neutrality laws. If Net Neutrality is revoked the internet will be baised.

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