List and Gist of TDP Failures

After states bifurcation, TDP government acquired the power to steer Andhra Pradesh, by promising a prosperous future for the people and state. But, did the party keep up to those promises? The government claims to have fulfilled their promises, at least most of them, but the survey and analysis proves otherwise. TDP is known for its notorious fiddling and scams.

During their rule in united Andhra Pradesh the party was accused of skimming money under Hitech city initiative. The government successfully managed to establish Hitech city in Hyderabad but scammed huge sums into its pocket.

Chandrababu Naidu was appointed as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, when the state divided into Telangana and AP. During his tours the chief minister made several promises to people which still remain undone. Let’s summarize few of the key promises assured by TDP government:

  • Designing a new capital for the state namely, Amaravathi. Chandrababu Naidu guaranteed to shape Amaravathi into a world class city with sophisticated facilities.
  • Assured to categorize Kapu community into BC and sanction 5000cr to Kapu Corporation.
  • Bring ST status and provide proper housing facility for fishermen.
  • Bless a girl child with 2 lakh rupee at the time of her marriage, under Mahalaxmi scheme.
  • Anna Canteen program: Breakfast for 1 rupee and meals for 5 rupee.
  • Exude water for to every house for 2 yrs under NTR Sujala scheme.
  • Decimate illegal liquor and belt shops.
  • Accommodate BC Corporation with 10000cr.
  • Bring Christian converted Dalit’s under SC.
  • Provide laptops for students with higher education prospects and bicycles for high school girls.
  • Issue employment for individuals and conduct DSC exam for teacher recruitment.
  • Turn Amaravathi, Chitoor and Kurnool into solar cities.
  • Build airports in Kurnool, Prakasham, Srikakulam and Nellore.   
  • A steady and incessant power supply to villages.

These are few among many assurances given by TDP government prior to their elect. After election the government totally violated the manifesto and concentrated elsewhere. One could say that the government showed success at establishing Amaravathi but, made a disappointing progress with regards to many issues. The state’s indigence still remains unsolved, many villages are experiencing long power cuts, and Educational institutions are yet to be set-up. The government has failed the people at many levels, these failures remain unacknowledged. Many complains of sewage and ill hygiene have been reported in many areas, especially in rural areas and local government refuses to resolve complains. A colossal failure of AP government was it’s loose in acquiring special status from central government which, was promised at every level.      

All these failures of TDP government ranks it as weak and unreliable party in the state. People have been demanding for a change and, seek a better future. The 2019 elections can be viewed a look-forward-to election with powerful parties like Janasena, TDP and YSRCP competing.

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