We all are aware that the river Cauvery originates in Karnataka‘s Kodagu district, flows into Tamil Nadu and reaches the Bay of Bengal. Parts of Tamil NaduKeralaKarnataka and Pondicherry lie in the Cauvery basin. The origins of legal dispute over Cauvery waters date back to 1892 and 1924 in agreements signed between Mysore and Madras Presidency. The water sharing dispute between two states has started in British time and still it’s continued. For the same reason when Rajnikanth asked for the supply of water to Tamilnadu, the board of commerce did not approve his movie “Kaala”.

In this regard cine actor and Makkal Needhi Maiam President Kamal Hasan met CM Kumarswamy of Karnataka to discuss the dispute. Kamal Hasan said I am willing to be a bridge between two states as we need water for Karuvai crop. It has nothing do with Rajnikanth’s “Kaala”. Kumarswamy responded explained to Kamal Hasan in detail that their rivers and dams are dry. If we have enough water in Karnataka then it is possible for us to give. I would ask Rajnikanth to visit us and know about the situation. After seeing the situation, if you still want water, then we will discuss about it. However Kamal Hasan has expressed that he is happy to know that Kumaraswamy will look into the matter.

The highlights of the meeting:

  1. Division of the Cauvery water is one of the key point of conflicts
  2. No politics over Cauvery verdict
  3. He says he counts actor Rajnikanth among his friends

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