Is Tejaswini going to be out from Big Boss ? Hebah Patel will replace her?

The Big Boss season 2 reality show is slowly becoming spicy with every week and host Nani natural star, and the organizers keep everyone in the limelight with unexpected exceptions and nominations.

In these conditions, during the last few days rumors spread that the Big Boss will have a spicy treat from the hot beauty of Hebah Patel from Kumari 21 F, who will enter the house as wild card entry.

Not only the fans, the general public were thrilled and began to dream of enjoying the beauty on the silver screen. But Hebah Patel dissapointed all her fans, she came out and given a clarification saying that she is not going to participate in Big Boss 2 and nobody contacted her in regards to the same.

She quoted this on her twitter “Only in my house is not in any other house! Not part of the reality show! “. Hebah is all set to surprise everyone with a romantic entertainer 24 kisses.

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