Is Anushka Shetty thinking of her dream roles?

In a recent interview with the gorgeous actress Anushka Shetty revealed about the movie character dreams when asked a question about it. Her name as Sweety is more famous than Anushka in the Tollywood industry.

When the question was asked as, do heroines have any special choices of acting in a particular character? She replied as “everyone will be having a dream to act in a particular character. But coming to myself I don’t think of it because if we are interested in acting those particular characters, the chances of getting that character may be very less. Keeping this in mind the actress may get disappointed and even may not accept the others roles with full will. So, what I actually think that whatever the character which comes to us we should do a full length justice to the character and should make an impact on audience that no one can do this role better than her”.

From past a decade, Anushka is ruling the South Industry. One can wonder that how could she just be so normal even though having a huge stardom? Her pleasant mind and thought process might be the reasons for this. That’s why she is called as Sweety by her fans and also in South Industry.

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