India listed among top 5 dangerous countries for women

A global respectable organization, Thomson Reuter Foundation released results of a survey conducted between the months of March and May. The survey survived from March 26 to May 4, during which 550 experts evaluated responses of people from all around the globe. The responses were assembled via, telephonic calls, internet pools, and few documented in person.

The US was recorded under top 10 for sexual violence, harassment, and sex slavery, against women. It was also noted that the country is most divided on basis of religion; with many racial discrimination cases being reported, the country ranked top in racism.

India topped first in sexual violence and human trafficking. The country has been registered as most dangerous country for women as most of them are subjected to human trafficking, sex slavery, discrimination, and forced marriages; in the survey. Poor medical programs of the country bagged it in the 4 place in, bad healthcare system.

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