Here is a way to identify adulterated milk at Home

Following the arrest of a milk adulterating unit, on Friday, in Telangana, the Food Safety Authority of India, passed new laws to curb milk adulteration and strengthened the existing regulations. The FSAI disclosed various methods to test milk at home without any expensive equipment.   

Frauds usually contaminate milk by adding Starch, Formalin and Water. Synthetic Milk is another form adulterated milk.

Presence of starch in milk can be identified by adding iodine/salt to the milk, if the milk turns blue upon addition, it’s contaminated.

Presence of formalin can be detected by dropping one to two drops of sulphuric acid in milk, if blue circles appear in the milk then, it’s impure.

Water in milk can be identified by measuring the flow of the milk on one’s palm. While sliding the milk on palm, if it flows slowly without leaving any residue then it’s adulterated.

Synthetic milk turns yellow when heated and, is highly dangerous.

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