Hafiz Saeed to PM Modi: “If you stop the water, we will stop your breath.”

A Pakistani based terrorist Hafiz Saeed made controversial statements on PM Narendra Modi. In speech he literally told that he would kill Narendra Modi.

“We will not keep quiet. We will rip out your tongue,” Hafiz Saeed said while addressing people in Pakistan. He said that for construction of hydroelectric projects in Pakistan, Modi stopping water to flow from India to Pakistan. “You say – you will stop water to Pakistan? You will defeat the objectives of CPEC? You would utter nonsense and want us to keep quiet?” Saeed said. “If you stop the water, we will stop your breath.”

The video was posted by BJP’s spokesperson Sambit Patra. He tweeted the video on his Twitter page and tried to draw comparisons with Hafiz Saeed to Opposition parties.

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