Government schools management refuse to accept admission

Admissions were refused by the management of Government High School at Raj Bhavan Road on Friday. Around 200 parents staged for protest against the school management for refusing the admissions. All the schools were reopened after summer vacation. To seek admission scores of parents were gathered at the school premises for their wards. On April 12th school was closed and they gave assurance that on reopening day the admission will be accepted. We have been waiting for the school to reopen to admit our children however the school management refuses to accept.

The school Head Mistress Manju Latha Narre has clarified that there is no sufficient classrooms to accommodate additional students. Even though the capacity of the classroom is 42 however we have 55 students in each class. For class 1 we already have 100 admissions and there are no more vacancies now. In order to maintain law and order the school Head Mistress called for Punjagutta Police.

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