Fraud and Breach of Trust allegations against Israeli Prime Minister’s wife, Sara

Last year, a probe was launched to convict Israeli Prime Minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu. She, now, has been charged with fraud and breach of trust. Her husband and Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu is long been suspected for corruption and bribery.

According to the reports, Sara has been inculpated of forging accounts on household expenditures. In one instance, a food order worth USD 97,000 was dispatched, at public’s expense, to the PM’s residence under Sara’s request, on pretext of cooks’ absences. Allegedly, the Netanyahu couple received extravagant offers in form on gifts like, expensive cigars, jewellery, etc, from wealthy personalities in exchange of political and personal favors.

Reports suggest that the PM tried to bribe Israel’s top newspaper, Yedoit Aharonat, to proliferate his reputation by frequent advertisements and, offer more coverage for himself and his wife.

The couple denied all the allegations made against them.

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