Chandrababu Naidu finally, acknowledges Pawan Kalyan as a Potential Opponent

Pawan Kalyan’s transformation from a successful actor to an active politician was unexpected. Thou, at the beginning he lacked strategy but, managed to achieve it with the help of his new strategic partner Mr. Dev. Pawan kalyan recently announced his participation in upcoming 2019 Andhra Pradesh election. He plans to contest in 175 constituencies and aspires to reach the people with road yatras and mass assemblies.

Actor turned politician has been receiving an enormous feedback for his activates among people. His recent tour to Srikakulam district congregated an expected mass gathering. The ruling party TDP underestimated his deeds and refused to consider his influence.

Pawan Kalyan conducted one-day fast at Uddanam area for Kidney disease issues in the region. This drew crowds and people towards him. He declared a deadline of 48 hours to the ruling party, TDP to rectify the issue. Chandrababu Naidu immediately, assembled the officials to look into the issue and asked for abysses enquire. It was during this meeting he expressed his seriousness towards Janasena and considered the potential suggestions from Pawan Kalyan to resolve the Kidney diseases issue.

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