Bobby Deol thanks Salman for boosting up his confidence

Being a star child also I faced many ups and downs says Dharmendra’s son Bobby Deol. He says that he was addicted to alcohol and got out of it after many troubles. Bobby Deol says that “at beginning I used to have many offers and I used to maintain my body very stiff. Slowly the offers started decreasing and thereby went into depression. I didn’t notice my health getting worse day by day and slowly I have become an alcohol addict”.

He further extended that “sometimes I used to feel pity on myself. Looking at my sons Aaryaman and Dharam, I realised that I need to change. After all I acted in a movie Poster Boys. The film didn’t work out well at the box office but I secured good marks in acting and I have regained my confidence. Recently in CCL I met Salman Khan. There we discussed about Race-3 movie. I have asked him to give me some tips. He told me one thing that at some time he also had some flops and Salman himself told that he asked tips from Sanju bhai and my brother Sunny Deol. In the same manner I asked Salman to give me some tips. A few days later Salman called me asked that if I could play a role in Race-3 with an opened shirt and fit body. I immediately said that I am ready to do anything for films. I thank Salman for encouraging me and giving a good chance to share screen presence along with him”.

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