BCCI subjects to a fine of 121 crores

It is well known to the cricket fans that IPL (2009) was held at South Africa and the final match was between Hyderabad Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore where Deccan Chargers had witnessed the taste of winning trophy for the first time.

During that season (2009) for crossing rules and regulations, Board Director Srinivas, ex-Commissioner Lalith Modi and others have been imposed fines.

The reason for imposing fine is that in 2009 for conducting IPL match in South Africa, 243 crores have been taken out of the country where for crossing rules and regulations of FEMA they are subjected to fine by Enforcement Directorate.

The fines imposed for BCCI (Rs.82.66cr), Srinivas (Rs.11.53cr), Lalith Modi (10.65cr), Board ex member Pandav (Rs.9.72cr), State Bank of Travancore (Rs.7.00cr). A total of Rs.121.56cr has been imposed as fine.

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