A woman dies after leaping off from seventh floor of her college building

Police recovered CCTV footage from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies in Pitampura, where a 25-year-old woman jumped from the institute’s 7th floor. The deceased has been identified as Varisha Raees.

Two professors at the institute bore witness to the woman’s final moments before, she jumped. The professors encountered Raees wandering on the seventh floor and asked her purpose there; when Raees disclosed that she was looking to inquire the dates for Masters program, the professors took the elevator and directed her to fifth floor to the inquire department then, departed respectively to their duties. Raaes, who owns Bachelors in Law from Delhi University, climbed back to seventh floor and leaped off to her death.

Since, the police didn’t find any suicide letter, a case under ‘suspicious death’ has been registered. The cellphone of the deceased has been retrieved from the scene to analyze call history details. The motive behind her actions is not yet known.

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