17-year-old arrested for sexually assaulting and murdering 12-year-old kid

On Wednesday, Langer Houz police arrested a 17-year-old teen for sexually assaulting and murdering 12-year-old Aslam. Both, the accused and the deceased lived in the same neighborhood.

According to the reports, the accused frequently molested Aslam. 10 days prior to the murder, Aslam’s father telephoned the boy and warned him to stop molesting his son, Aslam. Few days later, the juvenile tried to violate Aslam again and murdered by suffocating him with a plastic bag upon resisting the assault, then dropped the body at Andhra Flour Mill.

On Tuesday, officials discovered Aslam’s body at the construction site and launched an investigation. On Wednesday, police apprehended the juvenile and charged him with murder and sexual assault under, sections 302 (punishment for murder), 207 (attempt to murder) and section 6 of PoCSO Act.

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